If you are ever lucky enough to go gorilla trekking in Uganda the big spot to go is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

I’ll be flying to Bwindi from the Masai Mara. For those of you that speak wildlife I’ll be going from the Great Migration to see Mountain Gorillas.

Bwindi contains half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas in addition to chimps, monkeys, and other wildlife.

All gorilla trekking requires the purchase of a $600 day pass. Note that in July of 2020 those day passes go up to $700.

As gorillas live in family units, permits are issued based on the individual family: 8 day passes per family. Thus, there is some scarcity to the passes.

I just tried to get passes to Buhoma 9 months in advance…SOLD OUT!

Luckily, I did score tickets to Ruhija!

A word to the wise if you are thinking of doing gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda – book your passes WAY in advance!

Now I need to figure out how I’ll spend the next 9 months waiting to see these sexy apes!

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