I get it – you are a hustling ass youngster out and about looking for some beaver.

But there is none to be found.

You are now squarely in my beaverless domain. Welcome!

Being beaverless in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is nothing unusual. In fact, we’ve been beaverless since 1840. Ah, but times are a-changing!

In a local park, a beaver has recently set up shop. I’m out there on the reg looking for that sexy little critter.

Have I see it?


Have I seen evidence that the beaver is there?

Yes, tree destruction was everywhere!

Let the nom-nom-nom begin!

Nom 1

Nom 2

Nom 3

Wow, beavers lay absolute waste to the trees wherever they set up shop! There were trees down all over the place.

Sure, my beaverless drought continues. But now that I know where one of those sexy bastards is making its crib I will find it. I WILL FIND IT!