Show of hands if you knew that GoPros fail at a depth of 33 feet and greater.

Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

I was recently doing an advanced NAUI scuba certification in the gorgeous Floridian dive haven known as Blue Grotto.

Diving in spring fed sinkholes is a great way to learn the ins and outs of scuba diving. Blue Grotto was beautiful, had crystal clear water, and huge cave that goes to 100 feet.

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While diving I was able to take some sweet underwater video on my GroPro:

As I dived deeper into the abyss I noticed that my GoPro seemed to be malfunctioning. No matter how many times I’d press the buttons the GoPro was unresponsive.

And yet when I came back up towards the surface it started to work again.

I went to GoPro’s site to test my hunch that it was the water pressure jacking my sweet GoPro up. It turns out that GoPro Hero Session 5-6 and Hero 5-7 are all water pressure resistant up to 33 feet. That is it!

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I’m telling you of my scuba fails so that you don’t have to experience them on your own. I’m also going to tell you of how to get more depth out of your GoPro.

Get a waterproofing housing like the GoPro Super Suit.

The Super Suit gives you a range of up to 60 feet deep.

Really, the only thing that you’ll be taking video of at deeper than 60 feet is of Japanese monsters lurking on the ocean bottom prior to them attacking Tokyo.

Yup, nothing to see there.