Hello to thee, funky fresh reader!

This blog is a break from the usual nature stuff to speak on, well, blogging.  Mainly, how do micro-blogs like this one cobble together enough pennies to stay online?

Option 1:  Amazon Associates

Amazon, being at the forefront of everything related to e-commerce, has created an Amazon Associates program for online entrepreneurs.

How does the Amazon Associates program work?

Participants in the Amazon Associates program can promote items via their blog that are sold on Amazon.  For every item purchased via the Amazon Associates program the blogger receives a small commission.

As an Amazon Associate, items sold on Amazon that are listed on this site generate a small commission.  This little beauty is on my Adventure Gear

I promote items that I have used and have found to be useful on my adventures on the  Adventure Gear Page.  Occasionally, I’ll reference a product that I really love in a blog like an Osprey backpack or the GoPro Hero.

The Amazon Associates program also allows for blogs to serve as a portal to Amazon.com. Traffic to Amazon.com that originates from a blog via an Associate link will earn a commission on any item(s) purchased at Amazon during that visit.

Perhaps you have seen this icon on the home page of this site.  By accessing Amazon via this site the blog receives a small commission for items purchased at Amazon

The ethos of this blog is to talk about nature/wildlife and not to shill merchandise (not that there is anything wrong with that as I love a good shill).  Blogs about tangible items (clothing, video games, or gadgets) are far better suited to rack-up revenue via the Amazon Associates program.  Still, the occasional sale of an item definitely helps to keep this blog up and running.

This is my report from November 1 to November 25. That isn’t make-it-rain money, but it certainly helps to keep the blog up and running

If anyone out there runs a micro-blog and wishes to monetize their site via an Amazon Associates account you can begin the process here:  Amazon Associates

Option 2:  Ads

This blog does sell ad space via Google’s AdSense Program.

[adinserter name=”Block 1″]

Do you see what I just did there?

Google customizes each ad from Google AdSense to the reader.  How does Google know what each reader wants to see?  Because they are Google and they know everything.

Each ad generates a fraction of a cent every time it loads (that is called an Impression).  For sites that get a ton of traffic those impressions add up to quite a few pennies.  Impressions become a passive way for blogs to make money simply based on traffic and not through any reader interaction.

If a reader finds the ad to be something that they are interested in and they click on the ad the blog receives a commission ranging from $0.10 – $2.00.

Volume is needed to really make any money off of Google AdSense.  Still, every little bit helps

If you are interested in utilizing Google AdSense you can read about it here:  Google AdSense

Other Revenue Sources

Patreon is kind of a sponsorship service that artists and bloggers utilize to get revenue.  Basically, people that appreciate the work that you are doing can sponsor you (like a patron).  I know a fellow micro-blogger that used this service while his blog was up, but even big swinging pimps like Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Star Talk use it.

Aside from Amazon Associates, there are quite a few other affiliate accounts out there (EBay, Kayak, etc.).  If anyone is interested in those here is a review of the top 10 affiliates:  PureResiduals.com

Thank you

To anyone that purchased anything via this site, looked at an ad, or even read a blog I sincerely thank you!  Having your attention is humbling and I appreciate any efforts that you have made to keep this blog going!

Now, back to the monkey business…