If you are reading this blog then you are likely woke AF about wildlife.  You’ve read the books, seen the shows, and, if you are really woke, you’ve actually seen some sexy beasts in the wild.

I’m in love with National Geographic’s The Photo Ark by Joel Sartore.  My super nice woke AF sister Ass-Flap got it for me as a Christmas present.

Learning about wildlife and nature starts the wokening process.  It generally goes like this:

  1.  Learn about sexy beasts
  2. Think:  I like the idea that these sexy beasts live on the same planet as me.
  3. Holy crap, we humans are literally murdering everything.  I don’t want these sexy beasts to go extinct!
  4. Bam, you are now woke.
Did you know that there is very little genetic variation in the world’s cheetah population?  This species suffered an unknown calamity in the not too distant past that greatly reduced their population numbers.  All living cheetahs are the progeny of this small population of survivors.  A genetic bottleneck of that caliber makes cheetahs genetically impoverished.  Yes, they are sexy, sexy inbreds!

This blog is my contribution to that awokening effort.  I have seen amazing wild things that most people will never get to experience.  My social media posts and this blog are my way of hopefully imparting some level of education on these sexy beasts.  I really do feel good thinking that I am inspiring someone else out there in the Void to appreciate wildlife in the way that I do.

However, I think I can do more.

Did you know that there is a population of cheetahs in Iran that comprise the entirety of the remaining Asian cheetah population?  The Asian cheetah formally ranged over the entire Middle East all the way to India.   That range has been critically reduced by, you guessed it, man.  This species will likely go extinct in the wild in my lifetime.

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This blog has started to generate a TINY bit of revenue.  I recognize that this revenue represents an opportunity to make a bigger difference when it comes to conservation.  To that end, I am going to donate a portion of the revenue that this blog generates to non-profits that work in conservation.

And I have you, you woke mutha f’ers, to thank for this opportunity!

If you buy something via my Amazon Associates you will help conservation.

If you endure the ads on this site you will help conservation.

If you indulge in the future products that this sites sells or endorses you will help conservation.

Thanks for wokening yourself, thanks for supporting this blog, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to get to the next plane of conservation enlightenment!

Now, back the sexy beasts…

Here is to making sure that future generations get to see amazing sexy beasts like cheetahs in the wild forever more!

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