I have, like presumably you, been a nature fan my entire life.  It started when I was wee with dinosaurs, grew to late night shark TV shows, advanced to attaining a BS in Biology, and mushroomed into traveling the world to see amazing animals do their amazing animal things.  It is now, as it has always been, something that I truly loved as an interest, but never anything more.  My brain simply could not find a satisfactory place in the scheme of things to really scratch that nature itch.

July 2016 was the first time I ever considered blogging about nature and adventuring.  I even went so far as to register this here domain name, https://idecosupereco.com.  And then, good looking reader, I promptly did nothing about it.  Hey, all great things have to start somewhere, eh?  Eh???

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Months went by and somewhere is the dark monkey-filled recesses of my brain I was unhappy because I never got this blog off of the ground.  Then in February 2017 I went to Africa for the first time.  I had been on quite a few adventures before, but Kenya…Wow!  Since that trip my mind, which was already on fire for all things nature, was set ablaze. I am not talking throwing gas on a fire.  I am talking throwing yellow-cake uranium on the fire (yes, I know that fire + yellow cake uranium does not equal Big Fire, but I am being dramatic).  I was truly excited about the possibilities of what I could do with my vast collection of wildlife pics.  I started to post some simple videos on YouTube.  Much to my amazement, people from all around the world started to watch them.  Then, I posted some pictures to Instagram – people seemed to love them too.  Hmmm, maybe it is time to finally dust that blog idea off and make a go of it.  And here I am!

My goal for this blog is emulate one of my heroes, David Attenborough, in relaying my passion for nature via education.  I will post pictures from my adventures or interesting items that I find on the Internet and talk about them.  I will probably make plenty of stupid wise-cracks as well because that is how I roll.  Ultimately, I hope this blog serves some good in the world in the form of advancing the cause of conservation.  Why?  Because the world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful things.  It would be a shame to squander such beauty!

Warning:  I am no photographer, web design, copy writer, or any such thing that makes a quality blog.  I am just a guy who likes beasts.  So, apologies in advance for the roughness of some of my work.  This blog will always be an evolving creature in its own right.

Okay, that serves as both an introduction and a mission statement.  Let the blogging begin!

Id Eco Super-Eco

April 2017