The answer is yes.

Thanks for reading, errybody! Here is a gif of Billy Dee Williams opening a crazy-cold Colt 45 as compensation for this short blog.

You know who opens my door when I crack open a can of Colt 45? The police because I’ve had 15 of them and I fired up the chainsaw in the basement again.

Alright, alright, here is the scoop on running an IG ad, but don’t let that stop you from having a Colt 45.

I decided to do an experiment to see if running ads on Instagram would satisfy my hypothesis: do IG ads drive impressions, engagement, and, most importantly, new followers?

To test the hypothesis, I made an IG post of this sharkytastic video:

These are Caribbean reef sharks feeding while being recorded on a GoPro. I’ll tell you that GoPro’s are hella durable and can withstand legit shark bites. I’ve tested it!

I felt this post made for a good ad experiment for the following reasons:

With no ad campaign behind it did very well organically: 630 impressions (6th most all time for me) and 81 engagements (third most all time for me).

It’s f’n POV footage of reef sharks feeding, including striking my GoPro, with gorgeous turquoise water in the background! You just don’t see a lot of videos like that on IG.

The experiment was ready to begin!

So, I said the magic words…

Plunked down the $18…

And dropped the hammer on a 6 day ad geared towards wildlife enthusiasts ages 13-65 in the United States…

At the conclusion of the 6 day ad run the results were far better than I could have imagined…


The promotion drove mass impression and engagement statistics! But what about new followers?

I added 66 new followers, which was an increase of 23%!

The hypothesis was validated! Instagram ads were extremely effective at driving impressions, engagement, and followers. Apparently, you have to pay to play on IG.

If you have any questions about IG ads drop me a line. If you want me to respond throw in some Colt 45. Just saying!