Check out this porker!

Yes, I fat-shamed this wild boar.  Photo Credit – some dude named Tu Dong on Facebook

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I’ve been seeing this ridiculously huge razorback all over the usual viral channels today.  In the picture there is an unnaturally large boar trying eat some of that good garbage.  Oh, and there are large fatty-cake piglets along for the ride too.  Might as well have the entire family eat some garbage, eh?

Seriously, no judgement if eating garbage is your thing.  I’ve been known to eat the odd piece of trash now and again.  I might actually be trash, now that you mention it.

My initial thought is that this picture has been Photo-Shopped.  Truly wild boars do not get this big.  However, feral hogs are known to occasionally lack growth inhibitors.  Given a consistent food source (usually commercial feed that is being served to domestic hogs), a feral hog could get this big.

A slightly less plausible solution is that these razorbacks were exposed to some form of mutagen.

Mutagen – the #1 cause of bipedal animal-human lifeforms.

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I admit that I’m not completely sold on this picture being real.  If there was only an accompanying video of this giant boar dumpster diving.

Oh, there is a video!

That video sure does look real.

Real or not, if you are trotting around Hong Kong, where Tu Dong purportedly shot this video, you might want to be wary of gigantic hungry razorbacks.  If you need to protect yourself from this monster I know a sewer rat that teaches ninja skills.  Just saying.