Have any of you nice rascals heard of Kimber Kiefer?

She is a girl…

In regale dresses and gowns…


You know, the usual.

This girl to be exact:

Nothing to see here, folks. It’s just a lady in a dress and roller-skates underwater. Photo Credit: Ken Kiefer

Kimber is a legit model and her hubby, Ken Kiefer, is a legit underwater photographer. Together, they started to take pics of Kimber in dresses while submerged in a pool (see the pic above).

Lately, they have taken their siren game out into the ocean using shipwrecks as backdrops. The results are hauntingly beautiful.

Yes, that is Kimber sitting in a gown on a submerged shipwreck while legit wild sharks circle. Absolutely bad ass! Photo Credit: Ken Kiefer

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What an absolutely incredible photo! Photo Credit: Ken Kiefer

If you want to see more of pics like these Kimber’s IG is straight fire. You will not be disappointed by her content should you follow her.

If you interact with her online she is not only responsive to comments/DMs, but she is also very sweet. I am certainly honored that she follows this blog’s IG account. Woot woot!

Kimber Kiefer, yes!

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