I have recently procured a Mavic Air drone for the purposes of making videos of sweet landscapes, sexy wildlife, and maybe very low budget aerial porn (I’m working on creating that niche – Is Drone Boning a good title?).

Mavic Air drone. I’m pretty sure that our eventual machine overlords will use drones like this to control humanity. I, for one, look forward to our robot masters.

With the newly acquired drone I quickly hatched a plot in my feeble monkey brain – take the drone to Bimini (in the Bahamas) and record bull sharks feeding. That would epic footage!

Bull sharks are sexy AF under the water. They have to be just as sexy from a drone’s point of view.

Problem: I didn’t know how to fly a drone.

My Dumb Ass Solution: Might as well try to fly this thing off a hotel balcony. What could go wrong?

See the video below for the answer to that question.

Yup, I crashed my drone right off the bat. What a damn rookie debacle!

Drone down! Drone down!

When that drone crashed I had a huge moment of panic that I had destroyed this super sweet tool. Luckily, there was only some cosmetic damage to the blades.

Tis but a scratch!

Later that day I was going snorkeling at the shipwrecked SS Sapona. I figured that I would take the drone with me to see if I could get some decent video.

After crashing that bad boy once I was hyper vigilant in how I piloted the drone over the shipwreck. Out of the two minutes of video that I shot I got some decent footage.

The shipwreck is all well and good, but where are the drone shot shark videos?

I flew the drone over the feeding sharks for a good 15 minutes. And for every single one of those 15 minutes I forgot to hit the record button.


Maybe someday I’ll get my crap together and finally shoot some great wildlife drone footage. Maybe I’ll shoot that aerial porn. For now, it’s crashes, no sharks, and some decent shipwreck footage.


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