I’m baacccccck, mutha truckers!!!!!

All of the “I’m Back” gifs were basic-bitch. So, you are getting this buck-tooth

So, where the F have I been?

It all started in May when I was in the Bahamas with Beneath The Waves to see some shark research first hand.

Since we were living on a boat the only way to get from point-A to point-B was to take a smaller boat called a Zodiac.

This is a Zodiac. Apologies for not filming this in landscape, but I was filming it for an IG story. Whatevs!

As the Zodiac is low to the water waves come over the sides and the deck of the boat gets slippery.

It was on the slippery deck that I pulled some action-adventure kung-fu shit trying to avoid a cameraman from [NETWORK REDACTED]. I pulled an advanced move, but I slide on the wet deck and crushed my foot off the anchor-chain.

I knew that something was wrong right off the bat as my foot went numb. It wasn’t until the next day that the damage really started to blossom.

Do yourself a favor. It you ever think that might have a broken bone do NOT go scuba diving to 100 feet below sea level. The water pressure will compress the injury. In this instance my foot went completely numb for the entire dive.

I ended up breaking the outer sesamoid bone in my right foot.

The sesamoid bone is a bitch-ass bone if there ever was one.

Here is the deal with breaking your sesamoid – it only hurts a little. The problem is that since it’s on the bottom of your foot you can feel the injury with every step. It’s annoying, but it’s not painful enough to shut you down.

So, I ignored the broken bone. I kept scuba diving and hiking and being active. Spoilers: the bone didn’t heal.

I finally talked to an orthopedic surgeon about this pain-in-the-ass bone. He said that if I didn’t go into full shutdown mode I would have to get surgery.

Surgery? Are you kidding me?? Over an f’n sesamoid bone?


And thus, I became a boot boy.

F this boot!

Being a boot boy required me to go into full shut down mode. That meant no adventures or seeing sexy beasts or really being myself in any way.

So I sat there.

And ate ice cream.

I had no motivation to blog or really to do anything all summer long and into the fall.

After 5 long months of taking it easy I am finally no longer a gimp. That means adventures and seeing sexy beasts and being myself in every way!

First up on the adventure docket is Key Largo. There will be diving and hopefully some manatees and crocodiles. You can read about it here or on my social media.

I could not be happier to be Id Eco Super-Eco again!