Every! Single! Geek! On! The! Street! Loves! Rattlesnakes!

They love them!

I do too. In fact, I seem to be writing about more and more: All Hail Crotalus! and Escape From Snaketown, USA

Now that our mutual love of rattlesnakes has been established, here are some snaps of the locally critical endangered, but sexy AF massasauga rattlesnake from a recent adventure I had up at the Jennings Environmental Education Center in Butler County, Pennsylvania.

Fresh out of its winter burrow, likely an old crayfish hole, the massasauga rattlesnakes explores a prairie that had a controlled burn the previous fall.
A massasauga chills waiting for tasty rodents to skitter on by.

Talk about a sexy snake! Look at those copper eyes in that second picture. Spectacular! And don’t let these pics fool you into thinking that this is a big beefy slice o’ snake. Both of these individuals were around 12-inches long and were slender. They could have easily been mistaken for a garter snake save for looking sinister AF with a rattle on its tail.

Sadly, this snake is almost locally extinct. Pennsylvania is a forested state and the massasauga prefers prairies, which people tend to turn into housing plans. I’m thrilled that I got to see them as this species had eluded me until this adventure. They are very, very elusive so if you head up to Jennings be prepared that you might not see them. They will assuredly see you and will be judging how your butt looks in your pants. Better look good!

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