Yo, I post a f*** ton of wildlife content on Instagram (@idecosupereco)

Great white sharks, jaguars, elk, an ocelot…A friggin’ ocelot!!


And yet in all of my posting I’ve only had modest success with my content going viral.

Usually the bout of viralness happen because the IG algorithm Gods deem the very rare post worthy of being displayed on the explorer function.

All of that changed with this sexy video of an Argentine back and white tegu lizard patrolling the streets of São Paolo, Brazil.

That is right, you fancy bastards, for whatever reason people are loving the tegu. The proof is in the metrics.

For those that don’t speak IG this video was seen 2,193 times, had 285 likes, 11 comments, 41 shares, and 31 saves

41 shares for this tegu!! Wow!!

I have no idea what it is about this video that people are digging, but I can dig whatever wildlife loving they are digging.

Ya dig?

Yes, ya dig. And I appreciate that you dig the tegu. Wildlife, viral or otherwise, is awesome!