Long have I coveted to be on a great white shark research vessel!

I’m mean, the cage-diving, the science, the sharks!  What is not to covet about that?

“Horrible limb loss, death by shark bite, drowning, drowning in a pool of your own filth, crush injuries due to physics, getting shit-faced drunk and falling off of the boat, getting savaged and possibly sodomized by ichthyo-human hybrids, etcetera, etcetera,” you said in your most smug, possibly intoxicated, and completely correct voice.

The cage is to protect the sharks from me and not the other way around

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I hear you on all accounts.  However, when one covets great white shark research vessels then calamities are par for the course.  Just getting on the boat is dangerous let alone getting into the shark-cage.  All of this glorious shit has wavier of liability literally written all of it.

You don’t get this view of the world without signing a fuck-ton of waivers.

For those you that are adventure-waiver uninitiated, but would like to go on adventures to see amazing wildlife then a juicy waiver is going to be waiting for you (this is true for the Amazon, Masai Mara, the Everglades…you name it).  For the curious and legal-minded of you, here is an example of a waiver for your review that I was recently asked to sign.  Yes, this waiver is to finally get on the coveted great white shark research vessel!

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Jeez, you actually read that?  Sucker!!!!!!!!

Okay, after being subjected to the tedium of that waiver are you still interested in seeing sharks, lions, tyrannosaurs, and a host of other dangerous animals while experience a variety of potential other dangers?  Good, I thought that you’d still be interested!

Plan your adventures, sign your waivers, and get your finely sculpted asses out there.  Those animals aren’t going to look at themselves, ya know?  See yinz on the shark boat!