Wildlife travel isn’t like flying to Switzerland and staying at the Waldorf (I don’t even know if there is a Waldorf in Switzerland, and I’m too lazy to check, but you get my point).

For wildlife travel you are generally going to be in a wild place. Wild places don’t usually have a Walmart to run to for supplies (I understand that Walmart IS a wild place). Thus, you have to pack absolutely everything that you might need for your adventure.

I’m heading on an adventure that will have me on a live aboard boat for a week. That means my usual luggage, all of the electronics I bring to get sweet wildlife content, AND scuba gear. That is a lot of luggage!

Scuba gear on the left, clothing in the middle, electronics on the right.

I can’t check all of these bags in order to navigate airports. The electronics bag, which is very heavy, is my carryon.

Contents include a laptop, GoPro, camera, various lens, a Mavic drone, and other odds and ends.

If you are thinking that I pack like a travel diva I would agree – I’m the Kim Kardashian of wildlife adventures. Now let us see if they let me on the boat with all of this stuff!