About Id Eco Super-Eco


If you like a swashbuckling tale of nature based adventure with a healthy dose of humor then this is the blog for you!

I have been an avid nature fan my entire long-legged life.  As a kid, I was obsessed with dinosaurs, shark documentaries, looking for snakes and crayfish, and watching anything with the incomparable David Attenborough narrating it (the absolute king of nature based media!).  However, growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the US, I had barely seen any wildlife over my entire life aside from what I could find locally – deer, turkey, and some basic reptiles.

As an adult, I had traveled fairly extensively to civilized places, but I had never traveled specifically to indulge in seeing nature in the wild places of the world.  For quite a while I had been hearing about how great Costa Rica is as a nature/eco-tourism destination.  I decided to give it a whirl and I have been addicted to adventuring ever since!

Costa Rica: a sighting of the rare pasty jungle ape

The idea of doing a blog about my adventures has been crystallizing in my primitive monkey-brain for quite a while.  After a recent trip to Africa I completely spammed my friends on social media with over a thousand pictures and some poorly shot video.  At that point I realized that it was time to make a formal repository of my adventures.  Thus, Id Eco Super-Eco.

I am utilizing this blog as an avenue to tell some of my adventuring tales, to provide some education on the natural world (aside from being a nature super-fan I also have a BS in Biology), and to provide a little motivation for myself to get out there and see some magical beasts.  I hope that you gain something useful from reading about these adventures!