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My Life As A Gimp

I'm baacccccck, mutha truckers!!!!! All of the "I'm Back" gifs were basic-bitch. So, you are...

All Hail Crotalus!

On my recent adventure to Snaketown, USA, I was putting in a second serious mission to a known rattlesnake hotspot to try...

Escape From Snaketown, USA

Myself and my snake buddy Ed (because having a snake buddy is a thing) are heading up to the mountains of Pennsylvania...

Wildlife Prints On Etsy

For any of you nice folks on Etsy I have created a store to sell wildlife prints.

Bare Ass Bear (Craptacular Photo Therein)

Never ever ever in my long legged life have I ever seen a bear. You know what...

Tip For Amateur Underwater Photography: Color Correction

For those of you sweet devils that want to get mixed up in the underwater photography game I'm going give you a...

Austin Gallagher: The Pope Of Awesome-Town

Who doesn't like to meet celebrities? I do too, but only if they are science educator celebrities....

Beneath The Waves: Shark Research In Action

Shark lads! Get your shark lads here! Check out these swashbuckling shark lads...

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