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Austin Gallagher: The Pope Of Awesome-Town

Who doesn't like to meet celebrities? I do too, but only if they are science educator celebrities....

Beneath The Waves: Shark Research In Action

Shark lads! Get your shark lads here! Check out these swashbuckling shark lads...

The Pain Of Wildlife Travel

Wildlife travel isn’t like flying to Switzerland and staying at the Waldorf (I don’t even know if there is a Waldorf in...

Id Eco Super-Eco Merch

Peeps, in the next week I'll be leaving for the Bahamas to do some shark research while a production crew films it....

GoPro Bows To The Might Of The Briny Deep

Show of hands if you knew that GoPros fail at a depth of 33 feet and greater.

NatGeo, Shark Research, & Me

Every once in a while I fall ass-backwards into something awesome. This ass-backward awesome...

Lightroom Makes Everything Better

All of my long-legged the only time I had ever edited a photo was on the Instagram.

Photography Classes

Being a monkey with a camera, I decided to take a couple of photography courses to attempt to evolve into an ape...

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