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La Jolla Cove: Spendiferous Wildlife Bonanza

If any of you sexy devils are ever fancy-prancing around San Diego in your white-linen suit and you get a hankering for...

Saving The Blue

In terms of kick-ass shark conservation non-profits, I've done a dance with a couple of the big ones. Cage...

The Madness Of TagDiv’s Paid Themes

Pardon this psychopathic venting, but TagDiv's paid theme Newspaper has had me suffering that bitter twang of madness.

Product Review: Canon 100-400mm Lens

If you want to get into the wildlife photography game then I have one bit of advice for you - get a...

Elusive Beaver

I get it - you are a hustling ass youngster out and about looking for some beaver.

The Incredibly Fat Manatees Of Key Largo

On a recent trip to Key Largo I desired to see manatees. Top 3 reasons to see manatees:

A Note About Uganda Gorilla Trekking

If you are ever lucky enough to go gorilla trekking in Uganda the big spot to go is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park....

My Life As A Gimp

I'm baacccccck, mutha truckers!!!!! All of the "I'm Back" gifs were basic-bitch. So, you are...

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