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Id Eco Super-Eco Merch

Peeps, in the next week I'll be leaving for the Bahamas to do some shark research while a production crew films it. I figured that in case I get on camera it would be a good opportunity to pimp this here...

GoPro Bows To The Might Of The Briny Deep

Show of hands if you knew that GoPros fail at a depth of 33 feet and greater. Yeah, I didn't know that either. I was recently doing...

NatGeo, Shark Research, & Me

Every once in a while I fall ass-backwards into something awesome. This ass-backward awesome came in the form of stalking someone on Instagram. Oh, you were under the impression...

Lightroom Makes Everything Better

All of my long-legged the only time I had ever edited a photo was on the Instagram. The editing package on Instagram actually isn't bad. It's just not next level great.

Photography Classes

Being a monkey with a camera, I decided to take a couple of photography courses to attempt to evolve into an ape with a camera. Today was my first class at Missy Timko's Powder Blue Photography.

Instagram Ads: Worth It?

The answer is yes. Thanks for reading, errybody! Here is a gif of Billy Dee Williams opening a crazy-cold Colt 45 as compensation for this short blog. You know who opens my...

Tegu Catches A Virus

Yo, I post a f*** ton of wildlife content on Instagram (@idecosupereco) Great white sharks, jaguars, elk, an ocelot...A friggin’ ocelot!! And yet in all of my...

This Week In Nature – March 3, 2019

Humpback Whale Found In Amazon The Interwebs were a-swirl with a news story regarding a dead humpback whale that was "found in the Amazon". Photo Credit: Bicho Dagua's IG

A Photography Monkey Tries To Be Better

I've learned to photograph wildlife by using monkey techniques like whipping crap against a wall. My work started out like this: When I started out taking pictures of wildlife I was just happy...

Kimber Kiefer Appreciation Post

Have any of you nice rascals heard of Kimber Kiefer? She is a girl... In regale dresses and gowns... Underwater. You know, the usual. This girl...