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Photography Classes

Being a monkey with a camera, I decided to take a couple of photography courses to attempt to evolve into an ape with a camera. Today was my first class at Missy Timko's Powder Blue Photography.

Instagram Ads: Worth It?

The answer is yes. Thanks for reading, errybody! Here is a gif of Billy Dee Williams opening a crazy-cold Colt 45 as compensation for this short blog. You know who opens my...

Tegu Catches A Virus

Yo, I post a f*** ton of wildlife content on Instagram (@idecosupereco) Great white sharks, jaguars, elk, an ocelot...A friggin’ ocelot!! And yet in all of my...

This Week In Nature – March 3, 2019

Humpback Whale Found In Amazon The Interwebs were a-swirl with a news story regarding a dead humpback whale that was "found in the Amazon". Photo Credit: Bicho Dagua's IG

A Photography Monkey Tries To Be Better

I've learned to photograph wildlife by using monkey techniques like whipping crap against a wall. My work started out like this: When I started out taking pictures of wildlife I was just happy...

Kimber Kiefer Appreciation Post

Have any of you nice rascals heard of Kimber Kiefer? She is a girl... In regale dresses and gowns... Underwater. You know, the usual. This girl...

Mavic Air Drone Meets The SS Sapona

I have recently procured a Mavic Air drone for the purposes of making videos of sweet landscapes, sexy wildlife, and maybe very low budget aerial porn (I'm working on creating that niche - Is Drone Boning a good title?).

STOP: Hammer Dive! CANCELLED!!

In my previous post STOP: Hammer Dive! I ruminated on the fact that I attained a SCUBA certification for the purposes of returning to Bimini to dive with hammerheads. The trip of destiny was finally at hand!

Ocean Ramsey’s Dive With Deep Blue

The interwebs is abuzz with photos of Ocean Ramsey's open water dive with the super-massive great white shark known as Deep Blue. Haven't seen the pics? Behold! We are nothing compared to the might...

STOP: Hammer Dive!

Ahoy, most succulent peeps! Once upon a time your handsome narrator went down to the glorious island of Bimini to swim with sharks. And swim with sharks I did.