Behold, the regality of her ladyship, the Queen Cheetah (no relation to King Cheetah, which is an actual melanistic trait that very rarely manifests in cheetahs and I would love to see one day).

Her ladyship scans the infinity of the grasslands that is her home. And, yo, it’s not easy getting a high quality pic in the 3/4 darkness of dusk.

She surveys her vast realm from atop a termite mound. The termite mound is the zenith of her realm as it gives her a 360 field of vision of the grasslands. She is the Queen and the termite mound is her throne.

She is mighty. She is beautiful. She is the mother of three. She is power incarnate in cat form. She is…hey, what is that her on termite mound?

Her ladyship sniffs the termite mound that serves as her lookout. What the deuce is this on the top?

Did someone…Did someone take a dump…ON HER TERMITE MOUND???

Yes, someone did take a dump on her termite mound. Cheetahs use poop to communicate via chemicals in the droppings. Who would dare to obscure her poop signals? Who date to insult her like this?

No, this will never do.

This outrageous rogue poop situation needed to be corrected toot suit. Her ladyship, in all of her infinite glory, responded to the rogue poop by taking a massive dump atop the mound.

Seeing that in person was quite a spectacle.

A great poop-wrong had been righted. The Queen’s poop-communication would now broadcast over the savannah once again.

And that, folks, is how you stay on top in life.