I went into Kenya (I was there in August, 2020) with what I thought was a solid photography game plan: shoot in manual, keep the shutter speed dialed up (for fast moving sexy beasts), and adjust ISO/aperture as needed for light balancing. That plan failed.

The conditions for shooting were not awesome as it was dark due to continued cloudiness. Thus, my photos were coming out dark.

Cloud covered made shooting tough. As you can see, a good bit of my Kenya pics came out much darker than intended.

I ended up abandoning my plan and shot in action mode. I got some decent shots, but not to the quality that I was expecting.

Shoot in action mode

Now that I am home and there is no more travel due to ‘rona, I’ve decided to practice my technical photography game. Particularly, shooting at much lower shutter speeds and capturing the images in RAW. I used some ruffian turkeys as practice.

Not bad despite shooting in dark conditions. I’m finding that the tweak my game plan is allowing for more detailed photo.

For you better photographers out there, you have already evolved past this point. I’m still learning. Now I need to get back to Africa to practice.