Today, I had the great fortune of listening to a Zoom call (brought to you by the wise wizards of Beneath The Waves) with NatGeo superstar, conservation champion, and all around bad ass Cristina Mittermeier.

She was awesome in the ways that you would expect: deeply passionate about saving the oceans while spitting undeniable truths.

She was unexpectedly kick-ass, at least I didn’t expect it, in her philosophy on how to have a career with meaning. She dropped a Japanese philosophical term called “ikigai” that I had never heard before. Ikigai can best be described as the Japanese secret to a life well lived.

This is what ikigai looks like in Venn diagram format

Mitty lives and breathes ikigai and it has driven her to great heights in her career and life. You can tell when you talk to her as she radiates passion and fulfillment. All of this struck me in a profound way today as I’m definitely missing that career passion. I am missing ikigai.

If you are missing your ikigai go read up about it on Amazon. And while you are at it, check out Mitty on the social medias and SeaLegacy. Live your best life, yo!

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