Myself and my snake buddy Ed (because having a snake buddy is a thing) are heading up to the mountains of Pennsylvania (aka Snaketown, USA) to hopefully see some timber rattlesnakes.

That is Ed on the left, his squeeze Sally in the middle, and some ape on the right.

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Having recently had a VERY close call with a VERY venomous fer-de-lance I am now afraid of venomous snakes. Well, not afraid enough to avoid them altogether, but I am certainly more venom adverse than I was.

Hi, I am here to kill you, LOLZ!

Thus, I just ordered these fancy Razer Gaiter snake guards to keep me above ground.

Man, I am going to look so cool thuggin’ n’ buggin’ through the wilderness in these!

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When I return from Snaketown, USA I will either write a nice review of the Razer Gaiters and post some sexy snake pics or I’ll be in a pine box.

Hey, if it’s the latter please know that I’ve had a good run!

Sincerely yours,

Snake Pliskin