I haven’t had a minute to post on since I got back from Kenya. Yes, I actually made it and it wasn’t easy.

Within 24 hours of the time that we were to depart for Kenya, the Kenya government update their ‘rona restrictions. Previously, the Kenyan government required a negative ‘rona test 14 days prior of arrival. Now it was a negative ‘rona test 96 hours prior to arrival.

Yes, I had to somehow get a test, despite testing being tough to get, AND I need negative results in a 24-hour period prior to takeoff.

Did I pull it off? Yes.

Was it easy? No.

Did I actually get on two domestics flights hoping and praying that I would get negative results prior to the international flights? Yes.

Did I have to call my doctor from JFK in New York City on a Saturday night and brow-beat him about my testing? Yes.

Did he come through for me? Also yes! Boom negative ‘rona tests!

Getting a covid test and results within 24-hours is pretty much a miracle.

And Kenya was indeed amazing. More on that in a future blog, but enjoy these photos free of charge for the time being.

The crocs were fat and happy and terrifying with all of the dead wildebeest in the Mara river.
Griffon vultures love themselves some wildebeest migration. Where the wildebeest goes death follows.
These lions are getting some fresh leather.

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