I, the Original Mr. Homeboy, had big adventure plans for 2020.

Kenya: to see the great migration of the Masai Mara

Hi, I would like to see you one day! Photo Credit: [email protected]

Uganda: to trek with incredibly endangered mountain gorillas

I’d be going full native with this troop by joining them as a low ranking member. Photo Credit To Wild Uganda Safaris

Seychelles: to dive in the pristine waters of the Indian ocean

That…is painfully beautiful. Photo Credit: WOIMA

The ‘rona, chiefest and greatest of human wildlife experiences, had other ideas…

Seychelles: They aren’t letting Americans in. I can’t blame them as we are teeming with diseases

Uganda: Gorilla trekking is banned as they think the sexy apes will get the ‘rona. Did the Ugandan government refund the $1,400 I paid for two people to gorilla trek? No…

Kenya: Yeah, let’s talk about Kenya…

Kenya closed to international travelers in March when all Hell broke loose. They stayed closed through July with the intent to finally open back on August 1st. In a pre-covid world, I had already booked the plans above with a start date of August 1st. Could it be possible that the universe was aligning to get me to Kenya??

After some serious re-architecting of my Kenyan itinerary and flights, not to mention getting the required negative covid-19 test, this adventure is looking like it is going to happen.

Will something transpire in the next day or day or two to crush my excitement?

Will I arrive in Kenya and somehow get denied at immigration?

Will I have the greatest adventure of my life?

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