Yo Holmes, when it comes to the adventure game I like to think that I carry a big bag of swag.

And yet here I am like some kind of City Jim who is getting ready to take his first trip to Canada making complete rookie traveler mistakes. Bro, I went to Passport Health for vaccines. PASSPORT HEALTH!!

Note to self…

Here is the score with Passport Health – it’s hella expensive. You can get the same vaccines at the grocery store (not yellow fever), your doctor’s, or even the county that you live in and it’s MUCH CHEAPER!

If I saved one person from going to Passport Health with this blog then boyah for that person, but I’m still out a crap ton of money.

Rookie mistakes.

If you need me I’ll be under my bed weeping for a bit.

All this woman wanted was a noodle bowl, but instead she got furious diarrhea

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