It took me 44 years to see my first bear.

This is the ass of the only bear that I had ever seen. It was there and then it was vanishing; this was the best pic I could get, damn it

Oh, I’ve looked for bears many times. I’ve traveled to bear-rich places in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Virginia, but nah, just the one bear.

Today, I’m sitting in my house completely slack-jawed and stupid.

The Mrs. saunters in, as she is a saunterer, and casually says, “I’m on Next Door and people are reporting that there is a bear in this neighborhood.”

Really? There is a bear in the city of Pittsburgh?

Doubtful. After all of my efforts to see bears turning up only one, a bear was just going to materialize in my own neighborhood like a gift from the ursine gods? Yeah, doubtful.

But there was a bear!

Look at this handsome boi!!

This 250+ lbs big boy was chill as can be. People came around to check him out, but all he wanted to do was relax and take naps.

Nestled up squarely on someone’s front lawn in the city of Pittsburgh, there was a sizable male bear. Hoards of police, a game warden, the city dog catcher, and a bunch of looky-lous like myself were all there gawking at the bear. And it could have cared less.

Photographing the bear was difficult. Even with a Canon 100-400mm lens it was still pretty far away. Plus, it is black and in the shadows – kind of hard to focus on

Needless to say, seeing this bear in my neighborhood had me in absolute heaven. I peeled off as many pictures as I could before the police gave me the heave-ho.

Just a dude in a shark t-shirt taking a picture of a bear in a city

With the bear being in an urban area, the police eventually tranquilized it and took it out of town. My guess is that it was a juvenile male dispersing out into the world looking for territory. Alas, it could not call my neighborhood home permanently, but I shall certainly never forget this temporary neighbor!

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