Once upon at time, back in May of 2019, I got to be a tourist on a NatGeo shoot for a shark TV show set in the Bahamas and starring Dr. Austin Gallagher, CEO of Beneath The Waves.

Austin and I are the Sharkwater

Here is a series of blogs about the experience…

NatGeo, Shark Research, and Me

Beneath The Waves: Shark Research In Action

Austin Gallagher: The Pope Of Awesometown

While I got to see a shark TV show being filmed, I’ve not yet seen the actual show. Ah, but it looks like the time is nigh. NatGeo’s Sharkfest 2020 schedule has been announced: Sharks Of The Bermuda Triangle runs on July 20th!

I have no idea why this Screen Rant grab has a hammerhead it as the show is about tiger sharks, but, hey f*** it!

Needless to say, I am geeking a bit hard right now. Is it July yet???

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