Who doesn’t like to meet celebrities?

I do too, but only if they are science educator celebrities. I’ll take them from any field of science and any medium of education.

And do you know who is a cool AF science educator celebrity that I got to meet?

Yes, it’s Austin Gallagher. I know that you cheated and read the title. Way to go, cheater!

Who Is Austin Gallagher?

From his website, “Dr. Austin Gallagher is a biologist and entrepreneur. His is the Chief Scientist and CEO of Beneath the Waves, a globally activated non-profit organization focusing on shark and ocean conservation.”

How Is Austin Gallagher A Science Educator?

Via Beneath The Waves he leads a citizen-science expeditions to do shark research, lectures, and does shark oriented education with students.

He is also a prolific persona on shark related TV programs. In fact, as I type this he is in the Bahamas right now doing a program for Shark Week.

He also rocks a pretty fierce IG game where he does hot takes via Stories while he is out i the field doing research. It’s good stuff.

How Did I Get To Meet Austin?

I hit him up on Instagram.

No, for real.

I hollered at him via IG and told him that if he did another shark related citizen-science trip that I’d be down for going along with him and the Beneath The Waves crew.

Yada-yada-yada about 6 weeks later I’m in the Bahamas on the Sharkwater with a film crew and Beneath The Waves!

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What Was Austin Like In Person?

The dude is very passionate about shark conservation.

He likes all predators.

Not a fan of the ending of GoT, but who the F is?

He is an entrepreneur of some kind and has something exciting going on, but he was cryptic about the details.

Loves the Bruins and likely did not take game 7 well. My condolences, hombre, as I cannot imagine how tough that was.

He is having one of the best years that anyone has ever had (kick ass research, the entrepreneurial thing, a few sharky TV shows, and he and his wife are having a baby Gallagher).

And, lastly, he is just a super cool nice guy and I was happy to have met him.

If you can’t go out to sea for a week and come back with a beard then what is the point of anything?

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