For those of you sweet devils that want to get mixed up in the underwater photography game I’m going give you a tip…

Water filters out part of the visible light spectrum. It starts with red, goes to orange, then yellow…Okay, it’s Roy G. Biv. Light gets filtered in the order of Roy f’n G. Biv.

Thus, photos taken at depth go heavy on the G. Biv part of the equation. See below.

This sweet-ass Caribbean reef shark picture was taken at about 70 feet deep. Thus, the color is heavy on green and blue. See you in hello, Roy!

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Fret not! You can still take underwater pics with whatever gear you have (I have a GoPro Hero 5). Option 1 is to buy filters that color correct for underwater photography. Option 2 is using software post-picture to color correct.

I use software. Behold!

That is the same sweet-ass Caribbean reef shark picture. However, the photo was light corrected.

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There is a lot of software out there that does underwater light correction like Vivid Pix or Dive+, which I use.

Dive+ has a paid version and a free version. Note that the free version watermarks your pics with their logo, but I usually edit out their logo in Lightroom. If the free version of Dive+ produces quality images I cannot imagine what the paid version does.

Dive+ has an app that you can load pictures and videos to for color correction. It’s quick and easy.

Full disclosure: Lightroom can probably be used to color correct underwater photos too, but I’m just not there yet, bro.

Okay, now that you are armed with this tip you can improve the quality of the underwater pornography that you have been making. Errr, I meant improve the quality of your underwater wildlife pictures and videos!