Every once in a while I fall ass-backwards into something awesome.

This ass-backward awesome came in the form of stalking someone on Instagram.

Oh, you were under the impression that stalking people never yielded positive results? You just haven’t stalked enough people, you see!

The person that I was stalking is this dude:


And the reason I was stalking Dr. Austin Gallagher is because he is the CEO of these dudes:

As you can see, BT Waves does shark research. Now you are picking up why I was doing all of this stalking. It’s not like I’m a weirdo of something…

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And Beneath The Waves started to post stories hinting that they might be receptive to taking adventure loving boys and girls on one of their shark research trips.

Would I want to partake in shark research?

I hit up Dr. Gallagher on the DM to declare my interest. Now, usually when I hit up people via DM to declare my interest in something I never hear back from that person.

Not only did Dr. Gallagher hit me back, but he said that a big announcement was coming soon on that front.

And that announcement did drop in the form of this big bucket of awesome:


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Ah, but here is where it gets sweeter. On one of these shark research trips the OG of American wildlife media was going to be onboard to record the research. That is right, these handsome bitches:

I keep asking NatGeo to use a different picture of me, but they keep running this one. Sigh.

Shark research + NatGeo = I need to be on that boat!

And I will be.

I hollered at the folks coordinating the trip, Fins Attached, and made a generous donation to their cause.

Boom, I’m on that boat!

Trust that after 7 days of being on a shark research boat I will be producing a crap-ton of blogs and social media content about the experience.

They even said that I can bring my drone! I just have to remember to turn it on this time.

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If you are interested in what Beneath The Waves is about check out this sweet video. I cannot f’n wait for this adventure!