All of my long-legged the only time I had ever edited a photo was on the Instagram.

The editing package on Instagram actually isn’t bad. It’s just not next level great.

One fancy AF photography class later and I’m all drunk on power and Colt 45 thinking that I can edit photos on the big stage. That is right, on the Adobe Lightroomstage.

Behold, Adobe Lightroom!

For those that are unfamiliar with Lightroom, it is not too dissimilar from the editing capacity on Instagram. If the editing function on IG is your only frame of reference you could easily download Lightroom and immediately get to work.

The only nuance is that Lightroom has few more bells and whistles.

There are more light options
Color options
And effects

Alrighty, so if Lightroom isn’t too dissimilar than Instagram why pay $10 a month to use it?

The answer lies in Lightroom’s superior capture of details and incredible vibrance of colors. Behold!

Edited in Lightroom. Those feathers though.

Quite a difference, eh? Here are a few more.

After and I barely touched the color. Those flamingoes were off n’ popping with the color. Magnificent!

Ah, but what about capturing texture? Check this out!

This is the skin on the elephant’s forehead. Lightroom was able to retain that kind of incredible detail upon blowing the photo up.
I was able to blow that photo up to legitimately capture individual hairs on that zebra’s sweet ass!

Yo, Lightroom is definitely level-up photography for those that are uninitiated. It’s definitely worth the $10 per month if you want to produce incredibly detailed photos. for wildlife photographers it is a must.

Get in there and get you some!