I pride myself on being a master at planning an adventure.  When I’ve spent time and money to be in an exotic location I expect things to go as planned.  I mean, that is always how it works.  Until today.

If you have been to the home page of this site then you have likely seen this:

I WAS so excited for this!

Which I booked from this…

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Okay, so in the title it says one option (November 7-11), but in the body there are two different options (November 7-11 AND November 13-17).  I thought that I signed up for the title option, November 7-11.

That was confirmed via email from the tour operator:

Yup, November 7-11th.  That is straight from the organization’s president

Maybe I got cocky in my adventure planning.  Hell, maybe I was just drunk with power and whiskey again.  I was positive that everything was a-go for leaving on the 7th.  So, I stopped paying attention to the details in additional communications.  Details like this…

I completed missed that they said the 13th

November 13th!!!  Nah, bro, that ain’t me.  Except, I was totally asleep at the wheel all drunk driving through a corn field.  I totally missed that their dates and my dates weren’t the same.  SHIT!!!

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So here I sit on November 6th thinking that I’m the cock-of-the-walk and that I’m going to be on that boat tomorrow getting weird with sharks.  Then, paranoia starts to kick in – Is the government watching me, did I leave the iron plugged in back home, and why haven’t I heard from the tour operator if I’m supposed to be on their boat tomorrow?  That last one IS weird…

I read through all of the emails I had received from the tour operator.  Hmm, where did the 13th come from?  Uh oh.

I decided to call the operator to confirm the dates.  No answer.

I researched out to the boat captain.  Hey, they’d have to know if I was going to be on their boat.  No answer.

Hours went by and I was straight up freaking the flying fuck out.  If I’m not on that boat tomorrow then I’m adrift in San Diego with nowhere to stay and no plan.  Okay, there are worse problems to have as I probably could cobble together an incredible time (there is that goddamn cockiness again).  Still, I would have missed out on great white sharks!  Gotta get them sharks!

Just now, the boat captain and the tour operator called me.  “Yup, we jacked up your dates.  We don’t have you cleared with Mexican immigration to be on the boat tomorrow.  Tell you what we are going to do…We are going to bring you into Mexico and then see if we can sneak you through the maritime immigration authorities.”

Sure, sounds like a plan!

The next blog that I write will either be about an amazing great white shark trip or about the time I got arrested and deported from Mexico.  I wish that I was kidding!

Readers, take it from me…TRIPLE CHECK YOUR TRAVEL DATES!!