Flying into Andros, I had heard that island was sparsely populated and it was largely unspoiled nature. I was not prepared for the gorgeous otherworldly landscape that is Andros.

Andros is the largest island in the Bahamas, but it barely has any humans on it. Thus, it is a relatively unspoiled, unexplored pristine (by modern standards) habitat.

Check out a few of these aerial shots of salt beds. They look like a scene from another world.

The salt beds transition into Bahamian pine forests that are pock marked with cenotes.

We snorkeled in one of these cenotes. Talk about visiting another world: it’s dark water almost tinted red from tannins and there are so many fish in there.

And then the pine forests are broken up by large jags of blue-green waterways that are so clear that you can see the individual aquatic lifeforms living their best life.

Like I said, Andros is largely pristine nature. If you go there don’t expect to be sipping lattes at Starbucks or heading down to Whole Foods for some avocado toast. Do expect to have your vast amazing mind blown by the beauty of that place.

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