Show of hands, flippers, and tentacles – who knows what the Infinite Monkey Theorem is?

No, it’s not the theory that the universe is composed of monkeys extended infinitely in all directions.

No, it’s not the theory that if you make eye contact with a monkey then you will see back an infinite amount of generations until you were a monkey.

Yes, it’s the theory that if you have a monkey hammer away on a keyboard for long enough then that monkey will produce the works of Shakespeare.  Or, in the case of this blog, if a proto-simian flings poop at a keyboard long enough then this poorly written blog will result.

This is literally the wiki picture for Infinite Monkey Theorem.  As that is not a monkey I just don’t know where to go with this.

Given that the laws of the universe are no doubt bound by the Infinite Monkey Theorem, that would explain what I’m about to tell you – I’ve flung enough poop at this keyboard that I have somehow convinced someone somewhere that I should get paid for my flingings.  Thus, I’m under contract to write a script for a TV show.

Surely you saw that coming, right?  Me neither.

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I haven’t been blogging much lately as I’m flinging away to get the script done for this TV show.  Apologies to the one of you that is reading this and is expecting new content.  I’ll produce more content as soon as I get the script done.  Those shark tales are haunting me that I haven’t written them yet.  Why must I be so consistently terrible?!


Fling-Flang-Flingy McGee

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