On a recent trip to Key Largo I desired to see manatees.

Top 3 reasons to see manatees:

  1. They are extremely fat
  2. They are the nicest, sweetest animals on the planet
  3. They are extremely fat

Thus, I hopped on board a vessel for Everglades Eco Tours and set sail through the mangroves and canals looking for these sweet sexy fatties.

Captain Sterling’s Everglades Eco-Tours offers a boat ride through the otherworldly mangrove forests on the northern part of Key Largo. You will learn a ton about the importance of mangroves to the Keys. Also, the boat goes through the canals on the island looking for manatees. On this trip we saw a ton of mangroves, iguanas, birds, and, of course manatees. This is a great tour for kids as it’s a pontoon boat that doesn’t go very fast. Wear sunscreen as you will be in the sun for large parts of the two hour tour.

The absolute best place to find manatees on Key Largo are the canals behind people’s home. Manatees enjoy a drink of crazy cold fresh water. The nice folks of Key Largo often leave a hose on trickle to give the uber fatties a refreshing beverage.

After looking for manatees in the canals for all of 2 minutes we found about 15 of them being fat in a back channel canal. What were they doing back there? Drinking fresh water of course!

Glug-glug-glug-glug! I never really saw a manatee’s mouth before. It’s weird! And LOOK at those little eyes!!

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And while the manatees look uber sweet they do compete for the fresh water in the sweetest and fattest way possible. Look at those porkers going to town on each other!

Looks like two sloppy drunks making out. Get some, you fatties!
Here is a close up of their gorgeous snouts. Look at those whiskers and enclosed nostrils!

While most of the fat manatees drank from the hose in the conventional way some of the uber fatties did so with flair. Look at this absolute porkchop’s style!

Fat boi style getting interrupted by the Fam at the end

This scenario of manatees and humans peacefully coexisting is where it’s at. But where humans and nature collide nature usually feels the wrath in some form. For fat manatees that wrath comes from boat propellers.

That poor manatee got chopped by a boat propeller!

Most of the manatees didn’t have boat scars, which is the good news. People are heeding the numerous signs that manatees are around and they are slowing their boats. However, a few of the manatees did have boat scars like this. People, slow the F*** down in your boats!!

Ultimately, the canals of Key Largo are a great place to see manatees Go get you some!

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