In terms of kick-ass shark conservation non-profits, I’ve done a dance with a couple of the big ones.

Cage diving with The Atlantic White Shark Conversancy at Guadalupe Island? Been there.

That is the CEO of The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, Cynthia Wigren. When I need suggestions on where to go for a wildlife adventure she is the person that I reach out to. Oh, AND she runs a bad ass non-profit dedicated to shark conservation and education.

Been on a film shoot with Beneath The Waves and Fins Attached? Done that.

Dem Beneath The Waves boyz wrassling in a juicy tiger shark to do some science on. Austin Gallagher, the CEO of BTW, is pretty much the Pontiff of Coolness. Check out his podcast Shark Brain if you haven’t indulged..

But there is one shark non-profit that has been on my radar for a minute that I have not yet danced with in the pale moon light. That would be Saving The Blue founded by shark all-stars Tristan and Annie Guttridge.

Saving The Blue’s IG if here

For those of you that are fresh geeks off the street, Tristan is a veteran of make a shark TV program. Annie was the big dog at the Bimini Shark Lab for a spell. With street cred like that these peeps certainly deserve their place in the pantheon of shark champions. And that means that I need to go on an adventure with them!

In March I’ll be heading to Andros in the Bahamas to do a week of hardcore shark citizen science with a couple of their researchers: that means collecting hands on shark data by measuring them, taking blood and tissues samples, and asking them about their feelings.


Stay tuned to this blog around mid March as well as my IG for updates as to how this adventure unfolds. I cannot f’n wait to share this experience with yinz nice people!